Otek mission is to make your sales structure success-ready and high-performing.

We optimize the sales performance of SaaS, tech, and media companies. Start-ups, scale-ups and their investors enjoy working with us.

Audit your sales practise

Our methodology quantifies the effectiveness of your sales practice and determines your readiness for success based on industry benchmarks and best practices. We evaluate all factors of the sales effectiveness mix (product-market fit, lead generation, cadences, CRM automation, team structure, quotas and incentives, KPI & data, etc.) . Within one week, we provide a quantitative evaluation of your sales practise, with clear and actionnable directions to close eventual gaps.

Boost your sales

Based on the audit of your sales organisation, we will provide specific and actionable strategies that are scheduled against a precise timeline. This will elevate the effectiveness of your sales structure to the next level. We can tailor our involvement based on your requirement: temporary outsourced or fractional sales leadership, operational support in any aspect of the sales effectiveness mix, hiring assistance.

Sales are commonly and erroneously perceived as the capacity of a few talented sales gurus to close deals, based on some language and persuasion magic. The reality is that there is no magic involved in sales. Selling effectively and at scale is a science based on a sound strategy, planning, scalable processes, trained people, tools, and data analysis. In a B2B world, the revenue outcome of any sales effort is directly proportional to the quality of your sales structure and operations.

We have a real impact

+ €45M subscription revenues for a freemium pure player
+ 500k subscribers for a premium sports streamer
+ €2M B2B revenues in 1 year for a Saas pure player